Laguna Lacuna

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Nothing happens on Laguna Beach. It may be compelling to watch, but take a look at the content of Season 2 episode, "You Can't Trust Him." The chart shows the number of words spoken by each character in 10-second increments for the whole episode. I've described the setting for each scene, topics of conversation, and any plot advancements. The word cloud shows the words used and their frequencies.

Browse the episode by clicking on the scenes. Observe how little happens. You can watch the whole episode on

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Jessica and Alex H get a massage.

Jessica and Alex talk about:

  • Jessica and Jason fighting.
  • What Jessica doesn't like Jason to do.
  • Conclusion: Guys are so annoying.

LC and Stephen have breakfast in LC's kitchen.

LC makes Steven crepes. LC told Steven that she and Lo talked about him.

Talan and Jason surf. Alex M and Taylor walk on the beach. All four talk, part ways, then talk about each other.

Alex and Taylor talk about how Kristin isn't friends with them right now. Guys agree girls are cute. Girls agree guys are cute.

Established: Girls are having a poker party.

Kristin, Alex H, and Jessica preen to go out.

Poker night is discussed. Jessica complains about Jason hanging out with other people.

Casey shows up to poker night.

Conclusion: Everyone is pretty.

Kristin, Alex H and Jessica drive to Dave and Busters. Jason and Cedric put on masks.

Kristin tells Alex she has to get a guy's number while they're out. Jessica and Jason talk on the phone:

  • Jessica: Where are you going?
  • Jason: I'm with Cedric
  • Jessica: Talk to you later
  • Jason: Bye

  • Kristin, Alex, and Jessica make fun of Dave and Busters.

Morgan's Dad calls. Taylor, Alex M, Morgan et al discuss creepy people. Jason and Cedric scare the girls.

Morgan's dad calls to let her know that the alarm went off. Taylor tells a story about a creepy guy she saw looking through her window. Jason and Cedric scare the girls by smearing jam on windows (blood) and knocking on windows/doors. Girls run around screaming.

Conclusion: It's a scary world out there.

Alex H, Kristin, and Jessica are still at Dave and Busters.

Guy tries to get the girls to play pool. Alex gets his number "like randomly."

Alex H, Kristin, and Jessica drive home.

Girls use Jason as an example of what a bad guy is. Jessica complains about Jason. Alex H and Jessica have a revelation that Kristin is a girl Jason. Kristin explains how Jason has cheated on Jessica, using her experience as one who has cheated as grounds for expertise. Jessica plays pity party and complains that Jason is the best she can do.

Conclusion: You (Jessica) can't trust him (Jason).

Taylor, Alex M, Morgan, Jason, Cedric et al come inside from scaring. Alex and Jason retreat to the back yard.

Alex and Jason apologize a lot and give looks. Then they go outside and apologize more for rocking the chairs too much.

Conclusion: Jason, "Do you want to go inside?" Alex "No" Lots of stares.

Jessica, Kristin, and Alex go to the shop where Taylor works.

Jessica explains that she's mad about Jason hanging out with other people. Taylor tells her nothing happened last night. Alex and Kristin conclude that everything is ugly because Taylor works there.

Conclusion: Jason did not go to Jessica's house last night, even though he said he would.

Lo and LC talk about hair and Stephen.

Lo flounces over, Lo and LC establish that they're both pretty. LC explains that she and Steven are "closer."

Jason goes to Jessica's house - they talk on the back porch.

Jessica tells jason that she was mad. Jason defends that nothing happened with Alex. Jessica asks him if he's lying. They forget a lot: Jessica can't remember why she was mad; Jason can't remember if anything else happened last night. Jason snubs Jessica and tells her to drive by herself to dinner.

Conclusion: "You swear on our relationship?"

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